Wednesday, September 15, 2010


For the past month now, it seems like I haven't really been up to par. My immune system seemed kinda week, but like normal, I just ignored it. It started as a little sinus and it kinda just faded away with time... I continued to run because I've been training for the Half Marathon and I TOLD YOU that satan would try everything in his power not to let me run this because it's a dream I have.  I felt like it was just an attack and if I just ignored it, I would feel better. I must admit, I DO NOT get enough rest. I'm just like the energizer bunny!!! I had so much going on with moving and the LAST thing I had time to do was REST!

Everyday I was busy doing something and didn't get home till late..It really started the week that my parents moved which was the week of the 20th. I didn't sleep at night... I would wake up coughing my head off to the point that I was gagging. AWFUL!!! The coughing started around then. So the next weekend, me and michael were moving and that didn't work out so well. We ended up in a hotel for a week and the coughing was still persistent. Tuesday the 30th I noticed this pain in my rib area and I knew it had to be from coughing so much and so hard. Well, it continued to get worse and worse. By Thursday, I couldn't breath in deep and the only thing that felt good was to put pressure on my right rib. Well, I was scared of what it might be because people had mentioned Pleurisy to me and I didn't really know what that meant. I just knew that I COULDN'T RUN and was devastated!!! I went to the doctor and got an xray to see if I had cracked a rib and everything showed up fine. I was told it was just a sinus infection and got a shot, cough meds and an antibiotic. We moved that next weekend into our new apartment and I didn't lift any ting really heavy. At dinner that Friday night, I felt something in my ribs pop when I coughed and it scared me to death. I was supposed to be in the Ross Bride 8K the next morning and I knew it was impossible... 

I had to sleep in the chair in the living room with my ribs wrapped up and sitting straight up.. worst night ever!!

The next day I started feeling better.. so I helped Michael with some painting...
All last week I didn't want to push it even though I was feeling better so I didn't go run... just painted.
Well, Sunday night, the pain had gone to my left side of my lungs now and no more pain on my right.
I had started having this croupy cough in the mornings which was weird. I thought by taking the antibiotics it would take care of everything... guess not.

So several times a day, I would just cry. I could never get a deep breath because it caused so much pain and sneezing gave me anxiety!! I tried icing the left side Monday night, but no help:(
Michael was getting really concerned and wanted me to go see a doctor.. I just wanted an answer on what I had

I continued to ask the Lord why I was going through this and why couldn't I get to feeling better.. 
I wasn't running and I had tried to have a positive attitude

So yesterday I had had enough, not even meaning to, tears would fill my eyes 
He told me about Dr. Rickett from 94.5 and so I called and went to see him!
LOVE THEM... I got int the room, the nurse asked me why I was there, told me they were going to give me an xray. Not a minute later, this lady came and got me and took me to get the xray and then sent me back to the room. Dr. Rickett came in shortly after and said, " well young lady you have bronchitis"
Wow, didn't know that was an option but that explains it.. He was very to the point and wanted me better.
He told me I wouldn't feel completely better for another 2 weeks... SO SAD
He was very personable and best of all, he's a BAMA fan
The nurse came in with 2 shots:/
Can I please say they were the worst 2 EVER!
Half of it was numbing stuff. Felt like a bee was stinging me for 10 mins straight!!
Gave me a stronger antibiotic and sinus medicine

I say all of this to say, the Lord has His way of getting your attention
If we wont properly rest, He will find a way to make us...
Next time I would prefer resting willingly!! This way is not fun
Hopefully I'll be ready to go come October 3rd! Prob wont do as well as I wanted, but it's OK. This rest was much needed and I thank God for the times he allows us time to relax from our busy schedule and just take a break

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rise and Shine

Tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., Me Melissa and Carman are going to tackle this route!
I kinda want to know what to expect next weekend for my fist 8K
According to the route on Map My Run, there's lot of turns... should be interesting
This will be out last race before the big HALF MARATHON October 3rd!!!
Hope we're ready

Life's been so crazy lately that my training is so off
Got to get things back in order

This race is benefiting TEEN CHALLENGE
Check it out

If you're interested, sign up and come join us next weekend, September 4th @ 8a.m.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Black/Blue Toe

Last Thursday night when I had the great idea to run 6 miles then walk 3, I had NO idea that my toe nail was going to hurt me as bad as it had.

I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. I've heard of runner's toe nails being messed up from running but this pain was awful. I had heat in my toe and it didn't look infected but had somewhat of a heartbeat..

I wasn't able to run Sunday because we were helping my parents move, which gave it more time to heal and thankfully it has stopped hurting... BUT, I did look down this morning and noticed that my nail was turning a nice shade of BLUE.

My immediate response, I just laughed. NICE, very attractive..
I think I had just cut my toe nail too short.

From talking with Ashley Carroll though, hers is turning too

No pain, No gain
I'll turn into a smurf if need be

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Heat is On

Alot of the girls have really been wanting to increase their miles so some of us have been running the Trussville route twice. That's 6 miles BTW!!

Just thinking about it makes me tired but having all my sisters encourages me..
Yesterday Me Jackie and Carman got there at 6 and ran once around, then Natalie, Ashley, Haley B, and Lauren J. came and ran another one with us.

Natalie, Ashley, Haley B., and Lauren J. ran again at 8 with all the girls like normal and my mug walked just to cool down!

I had cotton mouth like you would not believe!
Not to mention that I feel like the toe nail beside my big toe is going to fall off...haha
Even the sheets were killing it last night.

I was sooo proud of everyone last night.
I can tell that all this running is paying off!!
The bond we have is unexplainable

God is doing big things and he gets all the glory!!

There were 2 new girls last night also:

Amanda Phillips
Emily (from Michigan)

YAY!! They did great


    This past Tuesday was AWESOME!!
    All the girls ran the 4.5 route this time and everyone beat their time and it felt incredible I must say
    It's like everyone was determined to run as much as they possibly could and it paid off.

    Next Tuesday were going to increase just a little bit and add .5 miles to make it a 5 mile route

    We had 2 new runners come join us Tuesday!!!

    • Savannah Randoulph
    • Lauren Johnson
    They are beasts!! I love it

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    13.1 Marathon - Atlanta | Atlanta, Georgia 30319 | Sunday, October 03, 2010 @ 7:13 AM

    Here it is!!!
    Signed up yesterday
    Not going to lie, I'm a little nervous but I think by October I should be ready

    I'm excited because my family will all be there and it will hopefully be a wonderful experience that we will ALWAYS remember!!!



    My very sweet sweet husband had these waiting for me when I got home last night!!! 
    Totally unexpected and I LOVED IT. He had a note to go with it to say that he was very proud of me and that he loved me.
    I'm not a "Gifts" person, I'm more "words of affirmation", but I'm not going to lie, this definitely got the love tank full 
    I've been wanting new shoes for a while now and he took it upon himself to get them for me
    He's amazing and so blessed to have a husband that continues to push me and encourage me like he does

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Sunday's Stamina

    Can I please tell you how proud of am of all the new girls that have begun this journey of running with us.

    Kelly Gilliand
    Katelyn Carter

    They are killing it! IM SO PROUD OF YA'LLL!! Keep it up
    It's sooo encouraging to see girls who have never done 3 miles before get out there and give all they've got, even if they don't think they can or are not feeling well, but do it anyways.

    Very powerful. It's showing satan that he is not in control and that there is a God that is stronger and with God, ALL things are possible. You can do immeasurably more when you add God into the equation.

    Ask any one of the girls what they felt when they accomplished more than than they thought they could, what did they feel??? 
    It's very overwhelming
    It brings some to tears!
    It did me. The first time I ran 3 miles straight without stopping was monumental! I cried because I couldn't believe that I had reach a point where I was able to do that.

    I can only imagine what the Lord's thinking when he sees us accomplish what we've set out to achieve. How much more proud must He be?

    I pray the Lord continues to grow this group and that we never lose focus of what this is about.
    It's not about who's the fastest runner, or who can run the farthest, but it's about encouraging those to push themselves to reach their highest potential physically and spiritually. If we as an army of girls can do that, what a blessing to be a part of that.
    I pray we NEVER lose sight of what this group is all about

    The ultimate encourager, OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN
    To God be ALL the glory!!

    Bless these girls Lord

    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    Romans 15:5

    May the God

    who gives

    endurance and encouragement

    give you a spirit

    of unity

    among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus

    4.5 Tuesday's

    Ok.. so we all know that Tuesday's are probably the most dreadful day of any day that we run
    • Because it still hot outside 
    • It's the longer route of the week
    • Lot's of hills
    The only thing that really gets us through is knowing that as soon as we finish we get to go worship!!

    I don't know why, but honestly Tuesday's are becoming one of my favorite days. I look forward to going to run the streets of Liberty Park

    They always have sprinklers on and we run through them to cool off.. Yesterday this person let us use their hose for a second
     Super nice

    Since we've been increasing our mileage for training, it's become alot easier to run the shorter distances.
    I think my body is finally starting to catch on after 4 months of this.

    Yesterday, somehow me and Carman cut off 4 mins of our normal time
    We usually finish 4.5 miles in 48 mins, but yesterday we made it in in 44!!!!
    I honestly COULDN'T believe it

    I felt good when I was running.. nothing was hurting, but both of my legs felt like they weighed about 80lbs each. The only way to fight it was to pick my legs up higher when I ran, and when I did that I guess it made me run a little faster, and that might be why we finished alot faster than usual.

    I didn't know how I was going to run yesterday since I was in bed the night before with ice, messaging my legs for over 30 mins from the 6 miles we ran Sunday night.
    That's when I give all the glory to GOD because without HIM I wouldn't make it.

    We had 3 new girls run the LP route with us yesterday:
    • Kristen Ramsey
    • Haley White
    • Katie J
    They rocked it!!

    Some only did the 3 mile route to make sure to get to worship on time, and from what they said, it's pretty hill-e
    Hills are not really my friend, but they help tremendously in training.

    We were missing so many of our normal TUESDAY runners yesterday

    • Melissa
    • Courtney
    • Brittney
    • Stephanie
    • Walls
    • Natalie Bezet
    I'm prob missing some too.. if so, please forgive me!!
    So many girls to keep up with these days


    Tuesday's: 5:45 Church of the Highlands
    Thursday's: 8 Trussville Mall by the Flagpole
    Sunday's: 8 Trussville Mall by the Flagpole

    I love to run, but I also love the days I get to rest
    Especially now that we're increasing in mileage
    My days off our Heavenly, although slightly anticipating the next run

    I LOVE YA'LL!!!!

    *Been slacking on my posting, but going to do better
    * Uploading pictures and posting tonight!!! Be on the look-out

    Sunday, August 8, 2010

    Sunday's are my Fave

    So tonight we had 17 girls come to run and we were even missing about 5 that normally come!!!
    3 were out sick: Ashley Carroll, Jackie Seay, and Brittney Little
    GUESS WHO DID COME THOUGH??? The one who first showed me and Melissa the route...
    Even though she's pregnant she's still got it
    Im so proud of all the new girls that have stepped up and started running with us
    Off the top of my head...

    Sunnie Leigh
    Haley Busbey 
    Ami Knight
    Haley White
    Alicia Davis 
    Payton Sims
    Ashley Langley
    Keri Owen
    Katie J

    I'm sure their is more but its late and my brain is shut down...

    I love how the Lord is constantly bringing more and more girls to come run!!
    Its starting to cool off just a bit which makes it a little easier. 
    I cannot wait until the Fall!!!

    I was hanging out with Haley Busbey this weekend and she was cracking up telling me that there was a race coming up called the Butter Bean festival 5k run or something and their slogan was along the lines of...
    Butter Bean runners NEVER run out of GAS!!! 
    I bout died laughing

    Last Thursday night something TERRIBLE happened to a our fellow runner LAUREN WALLS.
    She's awesome let me just say! When she runs she gives it all she's got and encourages you to do the same. We all got there Thursday night and were ready to run and she was already there ready to go. She had already ran the loop once, but is so committed that she wanted to run it again! LOVE that attitude.
    So our little army set out and lets just say that the cars were not so friendly that night. Pretty scary but not so smart of us to run in the dark on the road. Anyways, we top our first major hill and this car comes flying around the corner and apparently  L was trying to get out of their way and rolled her ankle and fell:( SO Sad.. I felt helpless. We prayed for it and were in hopes that she just rolled it, but the next day she went to the doctor and was told she had a sprain and was put in a boot.

    Still believing for healing in that ankle! We need her back and runner and we MISS her and her encouragement!! I love you WALLS!!!

    I have a confession to make.... 

    P.S. Me Melissa and Carman are in training for our half marathon and we ran 6 miles tonight!! That was a first and it honestly felt GREAT (little sore though, not gunna lie)
    8 more weeks to go

    I'm being sincere when I tell you this...
    If you ever think about it.. say a prayer for us during our training. 
    Our race is October 4th and Satan is going to do everything in his power to keep us from achieving this dream/goal that we have and some days it will be hard and we will want to give up, so we will need all the prayers we can get!


    Friday, July 30, 2010

    Next Purchase

    So I was reading the other day and I came across this article that said that if you run often that it's better to have several pairs of running shoes..
    Sounds nice, but running shoes aint cheap and I just bought some not too long ago. (Not to mention the darn things already have a hole in the mesh, prob from the good ol' Oak Mt. race)
    Ironic enough, I was talking with someone that night about running and training for a half marathon and the first thing he told me was to make sure that I had 2 good pair of running shoes... ha
    He said that I would go through 3 pair of shoes faster than I would 2 if I never swapped the shoes out.
    If I swap them out every other time I run it wont wear them down as much and they will last alot longer..
    Thanks for the advice!!!
    Now I just have to save up for another pair of nice running shoes

    I'm really liking these right now!!!


    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    Race Results

    Pictures to come!!!
    I thought it was going to get rained out, but it didn't
    It just rained enough to cool it off but it intensified the humidity
    Couldn't hardly breathe while I was running!
    But I made it to the finish line
    Praise Jesus

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    Sunday Scare

    We had so many girls show up last night to go run and it was incredible!!
    Everyone was excited and ready to go.. only to drive up to a huge dark cloud full of lightning.
    Looked PRETTY scary!!
    We wanted to be smart and use wisdom, but we also wanted to run. We prayed, checked the weather and decided to step out on faith and hurry and run! lol
    Don't know if the Lord would actually call that faith or stupidity.. but we were off!!
    The whole time we were running though, it NEVER rained (although that would've been kinda nice), we just saw heat lightning and heard thunder.... the wind gave a cool little breeze every now and then.
    I kept saying outloud... LORD, PROTECT US, COVER US!!
    It worked

    We had 3 new girls come for the first time last night!
    Ashley Langley, Ami Knight, Haley White
    You don't even know!
    Group's growing.. continue to send them Lord

    Last night was the first night that i've been able to run the whole thing without stopping!
    I about cried when I finished because I couldn't believe it!!
    Now that I know I can, NO MORE STOPPING
    The encouragement last night was beyond uplifting
    What an amazing group of girls
    Come join us
    Picture to follow
    Love all ya'll

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    Just a Glimpse

    I consider my life worth nothing to me,

    if only I may finish the race

    and complete the task

    the Lord Jesus has given me-

    The task of testifying

    to the gospel of

    God's grace.

    Acts 20:24

    Hannah's Bday Surprise


    Our running small/large group took Hannah to Yogurt Mountain after worship

    We all pitched in a got her a nice pair of Nike compression shorts and then all sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY as loud as we could!!


    Let me start off by saying that you are absolutely GORGEOUS!!
    You have the sweetest spirit and are such a joy to be around.
    You encourage every single one of us in a way words cant describe
    Continue to be the woman of God that you are
    Your friendship is a blessing

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Opened Eyes

    So as you know, we've all been pushing ourselves so much harder than we could've ever imagined. This heat is to the point of an almost unbearable degree. The group has grown to about 15 people now and it's just amazing to see how God can use something like running to bring girls together and into close relationships. The age group is so spread out and it doesn't even matter. We've learned how to encourage one another and lift each other up even when we don't feel like we have the strength to go one more step. When we run I see us as an army/family ... kinda cheesy, but I do.
    I really feel like I need to share this because I know that since I've been running the Lord has opened my eyes to many things!! I'm curious as to know if anyone else has felt this same way or experienced something that changed the way they thought, lived, acted, etc.
    I think i've been running now for about 4 months and I have a whole new look at life... Who knew doing something as simple as running would help me to see things differently. I can remember when I started running, I was just running with Melissa and we would do anywhere between 1 to 2 miles and I thought then that I was going to just die. We would gradually increase and SHE pushed me and I was so grateful!! Without her I wouldn't have made it. THEN, we started running with the beast...EMILY! That girl can run, and fast. There were so many days when Emily and Melissa were so far ahead and it was all I could do just to try and keep up so I wouldn't lose them! New route that we now run on a regular basis that will be the route for the Basement 5K September 18th. That first day I ran the Casey's Cause route I thought I would never make it out of bed that next morning..Thankfully I had them to push me to keep going!
    Gradually more and more started to join every week...Maegan, Hannah, Stephanie, Maegan's mom, Haley (Maegy's sister and then her friend)
    Then the Lord sent more... Courtney, Jackie, Ashley, Natalie, Lindsey, Amanda, Carman, Natalie Bezet, Jennie, Walls
    We have now increased to 4.5 miles!!!
    Can you believe that this many girls run together on a weekly basis? The bond we have all made is inseperable.
    My favorite thing to do is bring more people to run.. if they even mention that they like to run I tell them to come run with all of us...
    Most people's response..." I can't run that far "...
    Groups response ... " yes you can ", If I can do it, you can "
    When you run in a group of girls, it's so much easier to push yourself then it is when you run by yourself.. THAT'S WHY WE DO IT TOGETHER! 2 is better than 1, but an army is unstoppable.
    You don't mess with family either
    I love it when we're running and this happens.... it's such a domino effect...someone will start struggling and think they can't go any further and someone will just holler a quick encouraging word and they keep going ...
    They, in return, holler it to someone else and when you lift others up, it motivates you also!
    I get chills when we're running and I hear shouts of motivation
    We're a team and we honestly care about one another
    People are always shocked once they do the 3.1 mile route and realize that they can do it and the feeling afterwards is unexplainable. I firmly believe that THAT is what brings them back the second time and then they're hooked.
    The feeling of exhaustion.dehydration.ACCOMPLISHMENT.FAITH.SELF-WORTH.
    Honestly it brings me to tears because it's those feelings that I long for..
    In my eyes, it's worship!
    I think the Lord looks down on us and is smiling.. HE is the only reason I make it through every single run! He loves it when we push ourselves beyond what we think we can do, because that is when He steps in and allows us to go even further!! With HIM all things are possible!
    This is the main thing that the Lord has really been showing me lately...
    If He has giving me to DRIVE to run and the ABILITY to run, do it and do it without complaining! We take for granted so often the gift of just being able to exercise.
    I cry everytime I think about the people who aren't able to go run, much less even walk and here I am complaining about how I don't feel like running today or it's too on and so on.
    Do you KNOW what those people would give to be able to just WALK? and here I are complaing about getting to use our legs that we are so fortunate to have. Are you kidding me??? How selfish and self-centered
    Everything is a gift!! Let's start acting like it...
    What some people would give....
    just think about it....
    The tactic I'm going to use is when I want to complain, flip it and say a thanks instead! Boy will it change our perspective on running and just life in general if we did that.
    The Lord is checking my attitude and it's not fun, but it's breaking me!
    I can remember when I broke my ankle and I was in a cast for about 6 weeks and couldn't walk, I was so depressed... It takes a toll on you physically and also metally. I never want to have that feeling ever again. I longed for the day I could go run... said I would never complain again, but guess what? I have and that's because I'm human, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded every now and then that our legs are a gift and we need to see it that way!! We don't realize what we have until it's gone...
    I feel like if change my complaints into praises that somehow the Lord will reward them and even though I might not be able to see it in my running, it was meant for something deeper!
    I do feel like the Lord birth a dream in my heart to run a half marathon and Lord willing I will be able to this coming October in Atlanta... Praying about it!
    Not only physically, but it's also really been revealed to me that my body IS a temple and I should respect that! We only have one body and we need to take care that body the Lord has given us...
    When I exercise, I begin to feel better about myself and I don't want to eat the unhealthy foods that hurt my stomach, cause high blood pressure, and make me tired. It can't be good for you if it does that to your body. I can't justify running that much either and then turning around an eating somehting that cancels everything out I just did. Don't get me wrong.... I eat unhealthy food often but it's in moderation.
    Why stuff our faces to where we can hardly breathe and are insainely miserable?? I hate that feeling... when you have to unbutton your pants, that's the first indication that you've gone too far.
    My brother-in-law is very fit and I remember making the comment at dinner one time that he never eats alot of food and his response was " I don't eat to get full, I eat till I'm not hungry anymore" HMMM
    Before that comment I was enjoying every bit of food I put on my place and then he said that and I can remember pushing my plate forward and thinking to my self ( you passed that point long time ago) It has stuck with me since he said it...
    Moderation Moderation Moderation
    The Lord wants us to feel good about our bodies and by being more aware of the things we put in them, it will do it!
    I don't know why the Lord is reavling all of this to me, but I am taking every bit of it in and sharing it with you in hopes that He will show you something through it also.
    I'm so proud of each and every one of the girls who run in the group and on their own....
    I love ya'll and thank you for all of your encouragement
    that ya'll give me and don't even realize it!!

    Monday, July 19, 2010

    Saturday's 5K Retro Run

    So, my next race is coming up this Saturday!!!

    I'm very excited because I haven't been in a race since the awful Oak Mt. race.

    I've already ran this route and so I know what to expect... (which is NOT bad)

    Not really any hills so it should be a quick easy run!

    I'm really going to try and finish this one in 29 mins.

    I don't know if I will be able to but I'm going to give it all I got and run my little heart out and pray it's good enough.

    NO cokes this week or anything really unhealthy..

    That's going to be hard

    Here's the fun part about this race... you get to dress up in retro gear!!!

    Taking a trip to Thrift Store this week and planning on getting some HOTT bright colored stuff to run it.

    I'm really looking forward to it, it's going to be fun.

    Not to mention, after the race, we get to eat some YUMMY Jim N Nicks BBQ and hang out.

    First race my parents are coming to and this one is different beacause it's at night instead of in the morning.

    If you're interested in running this race also, register
    You don't want to miss out of this fun experience
    Hope to see you there!

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    Another 4.5....INCREASING

    Me, Jackie, Ashley, Natalie, and Natalie Bezet set off on a semi new adventure in Liberty Park
    I wanted to change up the route just a little bit to see what all kinds of streets there are out there to run
    Come to find out... this Paxton Place is pretty hill-e... ouch!! Let's not forget that the humidity outside yesterday was breath-taking. LITERALLY couldn't hardly breath just being outside, much less running in it.

    Our goal was to run it in under 50 mins. WE MADE IT!! 48 mins... keeps getting better
    We were all SOAKING wet when we finished and totally disgusting
    Worship here we came...

    Apparently there's lions, tigers, and bears though in this hood now and we're being warned to watch out:/
    Seriously it's the middle of the summer and there aren't that many woods in there anymore...buh

    Don't know what we're going to do about that...I love running here and it's perfect location before we go to worship


    Here is what we ran yesterday View Liberty Park 4.5 in Birmingham, Alabama

    Friday, July 9, 2010

    Basement 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run | Trussville, Alabama 35173 | Saturday, September 18, 2010

    This is going to be AWESOME!!!!

    Go to this website and SIGN UP!!

    Basement 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run Trussville, Alabama 35173 Saturday, September 18, 2010

    The Accidental Run

    So this past Tuesday, I thought it would be cool if we were a little adventurous and found a different route before we went to worship.
    Why not Liberty Park since it's just right down the street! Sounded like a great idea...
    We had managed to get 8 girls to go running that HOT afternoon. We were dedicated and determind to run 3 miles
    Melissa, Maegan, Jackie, Hannah, Ashley, Stephanie, Natalie, and Me

    Earlier that day I had searched and found a route that was exactly 3.1 miles...PERFECT! I was pretty familiar with LP, but not so much with the side streets we found out!

    I had hand written the directions down and didn't print out the map

    When you have 7 people depending on you to take them on the right route and then get lost, not a good feeling.

    Let's just say what was supposed to be 3.1 miles ended up being 4.52 HAHA
    I'll have to admit that it was kinda nice though cause I normally wouldn't have even tried to run that, but know we know that we can and we WILL be from now on!!

    What was even funnier to me was the fact that half of them thought I did it on purpose and just tricked them in to thinking we were running 3...HMMMM

    I thought they were going to be so mad at me but they actually were glad that I got everyone lost!

    Here's the accidental route planned again for this Tuesday coming up!
    Let me know if you want to join us! View The Accidental Run in Birmingham , Alabama

    Trussville 5K Training

    This is the 3.1 miles that we all do on a regular basis.
    Last night...Me, Hannah, Jackie, Natalie, and Ashley ran.
    Althougth I must admit I was dreading the run, 33 mins wasn't that bad for how I was feeling and for how muggy it was outside.

    Check out the route..
    Come run with us! View Maple Leaf 5K in Trussville, Alabama

    Thursday, July 8, 2010

    Run Your First 5-K

    Very helpful information on your what your pace should be for a race and how to get the best results possible!
    The main goal of the first race though is to just finish and make sure that you had fun doing it so that you will do it again and again!

    Take a look!

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    Retro Run Training

    Me and Melissa got up at the crack of dawn this past Saturday morning and went running at 6a.m.
    It was a new route and we were fired up!
    We look foward to doing this one again and again.
    It wasn't hill-e at all.. nice run

    Here is how we ended up - Regular Run: Regular Run on 07/03/2010

    Monday, June 28, 2010

    Retro Run

    Going to change it up just a little bit today!!
    I was looking to try and find something that was a little bit closer to where I live and I came across this route which happens to be the route for one of the races I want to do that is coming up!!
    Pretty Excited to get out there and run it tonight.

    Love new adventures

    Monday, June 14, 2010


    This past weekend Me, Melissa, Emily, and Kennetha were in Oak Mt.'s XTERRA Mud Run
    Little did we know it was going to be the hardest day of our lives

    Emily decided to step out on this race and concur the 10K for the first time while the rest of us stuck with the 5K.

    Here is how our morning started...

    Emily had picked up our packets the day before so we wouldn't have to get there Sat. at 6 a.m.
    Smart planning
    We were just going to meet them before the race

    19K was to start at 7
    10K at 7:10
    5K at 7:15

    I met Melissa at the Colonnade at 6:15 and we headed straight there. Once we got off the interstate and on the road to the park, traffic was stop and go for as far as we could see...

    I couldn't imagine what would be such a hold up... time kept getting closer and closer and I was getting nervous that we were going to miss the race.

    After about 25-30 min in traffic we realized what the hold up was... THEY WERE CHARGING EVERY CAR TO GET IN THE PARK!

    Seriously, we already paid for the race
    We didn't have cash but thankfully she just let us in

    The time now is 6:50
    Emily and Kennetha were close behind us and Emily was soon to start
    (or that's what we thought)

    After FINALLY finding a place to park and meeting them, we got our numbers and realized we didn't have pins to pin them on our shirt.
    YAY.. we going to hold them the whole time.

    I had to go to the restroom so bad but while trying to hurry to get to race, Mel informed me that she heard them YELLING... 5K'ERS LINING UP!!!
    Clearly they changed it at the last minute

    Anxiety overtook my body.
    Me and Melissa had to sprint to the starting line which wasn't close and then ended up being in the back.. BUH!!

    1 MINUTE
    This mother and daughter saw that we didn't have pins for our number and both gave us one

    Before we could get our breath, the gun went off and it scared me so bad! Heart-rate even higher.

    The first couple of minutes on concrete wasn't bad, but we suddenly veered off right not even knowing what we were about to experience

    When I think "trail run" I think shade, change of scenery, fun...NO!!!!

    Side note: I just bought brand new shoes the other day and it was a HUGE purchase for me. I turned my old shoes in and didn't have another pair to wear and the whole reason I bought them was to run in them, but didn't have a clue what they were bout to encounter. Take a look

    Align Center
    There was NO turning back at this point.. I just tried not to be a girl and didn't think about it at the time. I did have my key in my shorts!! Thankfully I didn't put them on my shoe like I usually do..

    I didn't really matter though cause right after we got on the trails, we ran through water and mud that was waste deep and I was doing all I could not to fall.

    At this point I'm thinking, WONDERFUL, my shoes are now ruined and wet and heavy to make it even harder to run.

    What we encountered next would be the start to a LONG LONG 5K
    Words can't even describe to you the hills we had to run
    I didn't see ONE single person RUN up them.
    You couldn't,
    You needed poles to help you climb them!
    Did I mention there were atleast 10 of these
    Wish I would've had a camera for proof

    My thighs were on FI-YA
    Once I would reach the top of a hill and from complete exhaustion, try to walk down the hill without passing out, you had to literally run because it was so steep going down also.
    Try running down steep steep hills dodging trees, rocks, roots, and trying not to slip on the STRAW!
    It was a sight to see

    My thought was, yep at least an hour on this one and where are the medics that should be camping out in the woods in case someone falls

    Another thought while on the run was, this has got to be what hell is like... nothing but hills and heat

    I finally saw concrete and thought I had just seen Heaven

    I just kept say HALLELUJAH!
    The concrete was a breeze, I refused to stop till I got crossed that Finish line!!!
    People were everywhere cheering you on... it was the most encouraging feeling ever

    I didn't realize that before I crossed that line I was going to have to go through ONE more waist deep muddy trail where there is FOX 6 NEWS videoing.. How embarrasing
    This is Emily about to come through

    I made it through and hit the stretch of the finish line, I saw 40 mins and honestly was ECSTATIC!!

    Praise Jesus we did it and will NEVER return to Oak Mt. to do another race!
    We were all ready to cry!!
    Way to go Emily on your first 10K.. you did awesome

    I went straight to the hose and cleaned my shoes and much as I could then washed them when I got home.. good as new!!
    Thank you Lord

    Let's just say we all woke up the next morning and couldn't move
    There will be more pictures to follow

    What an experience

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010


    Just registered for this race coming up on June 12th!! SOOO excited.. I can't wait!
    It's going to be at Oak Mt. bright and early in the morning.
    I'm hoping that my timing will improve just a little bit, but I don't know. These trails look a little more intimidating than the Zoo. We'll see! Maybe when we get finished with the race we'll be able to run and jump in the water

    Looking forward to it!
    Here is a picture of the route we will be running

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010


    On Friday afternoon's I usually just go across the street from our place to the Colonnade lake and run.
    This past Friday I debated for a long time whether or not I should go. I ended up going and I'm glad I did.

    Apparently the Geese that live there had babies and the mom/dad was SUPER protective that day.. honestly I was a little scared. Every time I would run by the family of geese, one of them would look at me and hiss.. pretty scary. Didn't know they could do that!!

    After running the same lake so many times and tired of dodging the geese, I decided to change it up a bit.. I thought I would introduce these steps (aka stadiums) into my workout!

    50+ stairs are no joke...
    4 times in a row might I add

    I just love the scenery here though.. it's the only thing that keeps me going back to this spot


    If anyone knows me.. they know that I love Kauai!! I feel like part of my heart lives there.
    It is where me and Michael spent our Honeymoon and everything about that place is breathtakingly magical. I honestly think I could live there.

    Also, I've been trying to work up to a half marathon soon and this would just be the perfect place to be able to accomplish that goal of mine.

    I'm kinda wishing that I hadn't came upon this the other day because ever since then I haven't been able to get it off my mind!!

    Knowing the exact places that the race will be ran makes my heart ache. I honestly almost cried the day I found it because I've been to all the places on the trail. I know it would just be the most amazing run ever.

    Even if you have never been here before.. read it and tell me if don't make you want to register and hop on a plane and run forever!

    The Kauai Marathon | Koloa, Hawaii 96756 | Sunday, September 05, 2010 @ 6:00 AM

    Seriously, this would be my DREAM RUN!! Not to mention it's exactly a year since we were there last.... great anniversary gift right?

    What's holding me back you ask???
    The green little paper that pays for it all...BOO!! lol

    Maybe they'll have this race again in my lifetime and I wont be too old and out of shape to run it!

    Okay, just wanted to share this with you!

    Saturday, May 15, 2010

    Wild for Orangutans

    Bright and Early on the day of the race!! I think it was probably around 7. We were clearly struggling, but there were some crazy's out there running BEFORE the race... CLEARLY it wasn't their first rodeo!





    Such a coincidence, registered a week apart from each other and our numbers ended up being right next to each other..

    I think I'm ready

    Let's go...

    This race was so much fun!! It wasn't as bad as I had anticipated it to be.. thank the Lord. This one is just going to make me want to do more and more!! Afterward we got to hang out at the Zoo and that was great.. Heath, Michael, and EK came and joined us!

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Saturday's 5K Zoo Run

    Here we go... this is what we/I've been working up to. This Saturday will be my first 5K run and I'm really excited... really more anxious than anything.
    I haven't ran in a race type deal since I was in Middle School and ran Cross Country.
    Want to hear a funny story... so humiliating!!
    I think this is really why I'm nervous.
    Ok so it was like one of the last races of the year and my dad had gotten up early to come to this one and I was so excited for him to watch me.
    It was at Mt. Brook High School and we started the race in this big open field...
    The parents were sitting in the bleachers watching while everyone was lining up at the starting line.
    At the starting line, you're standing with all your teammates.
    Keep in mind that it was super early and there was still dew on the ground.
    So the guy who shoots the gun was in front of everyone yelling instructions and I remember him specifically saying, "When I shoot the gun, if someone falls I will re-shoot the gun and that means everyone come back and we will start again" Smart me in the front of our team turned around to my other teammates and said " NO ONE FALL"!! As soon as those words came out of my mouth I knew I probably shouldn't have said that.. Pride before the fall.
    What do you know, he shot the gun and I was down faster that you could say go. I felt like a herd was trampling over me!!! lol I sat there for a minute thinking he surely saw me sitting on the ground, not to mention my dad saw me sitting there. I think the guy must have thought it would've been too much of a hassle and just acted like he didn't see me. So, I said what the heck and jumped up and sprinted to try to catch up with everyone else. When I did that, I pulled something in my leg and for anyone who runs, know that it's always better to start a race out slow.. can I just say it was the LONGEST HARDEST race ever. I finished and I guess that's all that matters, just my pride was hurt.. ha-ha. I don't remember another race since that one so I guess that's why I'm a little anxious but this will be different!

    I'll have Melissa and Emily with me as long as I can keep up with them!
    Michael is coming to watch this one which makes me even more nervous, but this isn't like in school when we got timed.. this is more of a run than a race!

    I'll let you know how it goes!!
    Pray for not another Mt. Brook experience

    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Week of the 5K

    Hello Monday!
    I'm really wanting to fight you today and come up with every excuse why I shouldn't go run tonight, but none of the excuses are legit....
    If I don't push myself this week, I know that come Saturday I will regret it, and be really upset with myself.
    So, on that note... after the Basement meeting tonight, Me, Melissa, & Emily are going for a run!
    Whether I feel up to it or not by that point... we're going. It's the times when I feel like running the least that I feel the best afterwards, so that's what I'm hoping for tonight.
    Love accountability

    Last Friday..

    I thought I was going to be ok by not running last Friday, but after eating such a heavy lunch I felt awful....
    I had to do something.
    When I got off work I headed straight home to change and go to the lake by our place and run as much as I could before I we had to get ready to go out.
    This little track around the lake is not very big but it has two little hills that make it rather tiring to run...
    I managed to run 30 in all but I struggled.
    Needless to say, I felt much better after I got out there for just that little bit and pushed myself even though I didn't want to

    Saturday and Sunday.... Let's just say I took it really easy!

    Friday, May 7, 2010


    Yesterday was little bit of a struggle for me while we were running... My calfs were in lots of pain which made it really difficult to run. ( I read where this could be from not warming up or cooling down enough or from sudden increase in mileage.. BINGO!) Both of those could have easily been the cause of so much pain in my calf which really hindered my running.

    We still managed to run 3 miles, but it took us a couple of minutes longer than it usually does. Running 3 miles a day since Monday and adding 3 more on Wednesday, we probably should have just stuck with Zumba last night. I was physically exhausted..

    Hannah rocked it yesterday and ran the whole thing even up the hills!! GO HANNAH!!

    We also had another runner join us yesterday.. CANA GROOMS..she did great!

    Me and Melissa.. well we finished lol

    Emily and Maegan.. we missed y'all!

    Zumba was fun as always.. (Cana and Jackie's first time)
    It was a little hotter in the room than usual so when I left, my hair looked like I just stepped out of the shower.

    I figured that since we had given it all we had this whole week that I would take today off and just rest, and then i came across this article.. buh

    Sore Muscles? Don't Stop Exercising

    So maybe I'll just do lots of stretching today and a take a nice walk and see if that doesn't help, then pick back up tomorrow!

    As for lunch today.. I think I'm going to do super bad and have a nice yummy cheeseburger from Jimmy's. My treat for eating well all week long.. now i'm ruining it....
    ( At least I'm not closet eating)

    It's supposed to feel really good tomorrow so I'll have to make sure to get out
    High 60's / low 70's

    One week till our 5K run/race at the ZOO


    Thursday, May 6, 2010

    Cinco De Mayo

    Last night I wanted everyone to come over to my parents house and we would all cook Mexican dishes and it would just be so much fun to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and eat lots of yummy food. Me and Melissa used to run in my parents neighborhood all the time so we thought we would try to get a good run in real quick when I got off work before we started cooking.

    From my parents house to the entrance of the neighborhood is 3 miles! If we ran it, it would be a total of 6 there and back. We decided that we could do it.... not to mention that Melissa had already ran 3 miles yesterday morning.

    We hit the street and were off..

    I tend to struggle more in the beginning of the run for some reason but I didn't let it slow me down. We didn't listen to any music when we ran, instead we decided we would concentrate on our breathing and listen to our pace.
    I'll have to admit it helped... usually I'm too busy trying to keep my ear phones in or choosing a song.. which really slows me down.

    We pushed through and made it to the front entrance (3miles) in 32 mins.

    Pace. Yourself.

    On the way back, instead of running the whole way, we switched it up and would run for a minute, then walk for a minute and continued to do that until we made it back to the house.
    This means NO stopping on the hills!!

    Can we say HUNGRY!! That's what was motivating me to get home..
    Family & Food

    I felt like the way back was so much easier for me than the first half. I felt like I got my second wind! Weird.. that NEVER happens.

    We finally arrive at the house an hour and 10 mins later but feeling GREAT! It was that Runners High that makes me want to run again and again.. That feeling is like none other.

    Soaking wet, but in the kitchen preparing for our little Fiesta!

    Needless to say, after that hard of a run... our tummies wouldn't expand to hold too much of that Mexican but it sure was delicious!

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    My Bucket List

    So I thought I would start another blog and this would be focused around me accomplishing one of my goals on my Bucket List. For those who don't know what a Bucket List is, it is a list of things that you would like to accomplish, see, do, etc. before you kick the bucket.. a.k.a. die!

    So one thing that I would absolutely love to do and has always been a dream/goal of mine is to be able to run a half marathon! 13 miles...

    The only way for me to really keep myself accountable is to blog about it whether people read it or not! Atleast i'll think that people are reading it so I will continue to push myself