Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Opened Eyes

So as you know, we've all been pushing ourselves so much harder than we could've ever imagined. This heat is to the point of an almost unbearable degree. The group has grown to about 15 people now and it's just amazing to see how God can use something like running to bring girls together and into close relationships. The age group is so spread out and it doesn't even matter. We've learned how to encourage one another and lift each other up even when we don't feel like we have the strength to go one more step. When we run I see us as an army/family ... kinda cheesy, but I do.
I really feel like I need to share this because I know that since I've been running the Lord has opened my eyes to many things!! I'm curious as to know if anyone else has felt this same way or experienced something that changed the way they thought, lived, acted, etc.
I think i've been running now for about 4 months and I have a whole new look at life... Who knew doing something as simple as running would help me to see things differently. I can remember when I started running, I was just running with Melissa and we would do anywhere between 1 to 2 miles and I thought then that I was going to just die. We would gradually increase and SHE pushed me and I was so grateful!! Without her I wouldn't have made it. THEN, we started running with the beast...EMILY! That girl can run, and fast. There were so many days when Emily and Melissa were so far ahead and it was all I could do just to try and keep up so I wouldn't lose them! New route that we now run on a regular basis that will be the route for the Basement 5K September 18th. That first day I ran the Casey's Cause route I thought I would never make it out of bed that next morning..Thankfully I had them to push me to keep going!
Gradually more and more started to join every week...Maegan, Hannah, Stephanie, Maegan's mom, Haley (Maegy's sister and then her friend)
Then the Lord sent more... Courtney, Jackie, Ashley, Natalie, Lindsey, Amanda, Carman, Natalie Bezet, Jennie, Walls
We have now increased to 4.5 miles!!!
Can you believe that this many girls run together on a weekly basis? The bond we have all made is inseperable.
My favorite thing to do is bring more people to run.. if they even mention that they like to run I tell them to come run with all of us...
Most people's response..." I can't run that far "...
Groups response ... " yes you can ", If I can do it, you can "
When you run in a group of girls, it's so much easier to push yourself then it is when you run by yourself.. THAT'S WHY WE DO IT TOGETHER! 2 is better than 1, but an army is unstoppable.
You don't mess with family either
I love it when we're running and this happens.... it's such a domino effect...someone will start struggling and think they can't go any further and someone will just holler a quick encouraging word and they keep going ...
They, in return, holler it to someone else and when you lift others up, it motivates you also!
I get chills when we're running and I hear shouts of motivation
We're a team and we honestly care about one another
People are always shocked once they do the 3.1 mile route and realize that they can do it and the feeling afterwards is unexplainable. I firmly believe that THAT is what brings them back the second time and then they're hooked.
The feeling of exhaustion.dehydration.ACCOMPLISHMENT.FAITH.SELF-WORTH.
Honestly it brings me to tears because it's those feelings that I long for..
In my eyes, it's worship!
I think the Lord looks down on us and is smiling.. HE is the only reason I make it through every single run! He loves it when we push ourselves beyond what we think we can do, because that is when He steps in and allows us to go even further!! With HIM all things are possible!
This is the main thing that the Lord has really been showing me lately...
If He has giving me to DRIVE to run and the ABILITY to run, do it and do it without complaining! We take for granted so often the gift of just being able to exercise.
I cry everytime I think about the people who aren't able to go run, much less even walk and here I am complaining about how I don't feel like running today or it's too on and so on.
Do you KNOW what those people would give to be able to just WALK? and here I are complaing about getting to use our legs that we are so fortunate to have. Are you kidding me??? How selfish and self-centered
Everything is a gift!! Let's start acting like it...
What some people would give....
just think about it....
The tactic I'm going to use is when I want to complain, flip it and say a thanks instead! Boy will it change our perspective on running and just life in general if we did that.
The Lord is checking my attitude and it's not fun, but it's breaking me!
I can remember when I broke my ankle and I was in a cast for about 6 weeks and couldn't walk, I was so depressed... It takes a toll on you physically and also metally. I never want to have that feeling ever again. I longed for the day I could go run... said I would never complain again, but guess what? I have and that's because I'm human, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded every now and then that our legs are a gift and we need to see it that way!! We don't realize what we have until it's gone...
I feel like if change my complaints into praises that somehow the Lord will reward them and even though I might not be able to see it in my running, it was meant for something deeper!
I do feel like the Lord birth a dream in my heart to run a half marathon and Lord willing I will be able to this coming October in Atlanta... Praying about it!
Not only physically, but it's also really been revealed to me that my body IS a temple and I should respect that! We only have one body and we need to take care that body the Lord has given us...
When I exercise, I begin to feel better about myself and I don't want to eat the unhealthy foods that hurt my stomach, cause high blood pressure, and make me tired. It can't be good for you if it does that to your body. I can't justify running that much either and then turning around an eating somehting that cancels everything out I just did. Don't get me wrong.... I eat unhealthy food often but it's in moderation.
Why stuff our faces to where we can hardly breathe and are insainely miserable?? I hate that feeling... when you have to unbutton your pants, that's the first indication that you've gone too far.
My brother-in-law is very fit and I remember making the comment at dinner one time that he never eats alot of food and his response was " I don't eat to get full, I eat till I'm not hungry anymore" HMMM
Before that comment I was enjoying every bit of food I put on my place and then he said that and I can remember pushing my plate forward and thinking to my self ( you passed that point long time ago) It has stuck with me since he said it...
Moderation Moderation Moderation
The Lord wants us to feel good about our bodies and by being more aware of the things we put in them, it will do it!
I don't know why the Lord is reavling all of this to me, but I am taking every bit of it in and sharing it with you in hopes that He will show you something through it also.
I'm so proud of each and every one of the girls who run in the group and on their own....
I love ya'll and thank you for all of your encouragement
that ya'll give me and don't even realize it!!


  1. If I forgot your name... PLEASE forgive me!!!

  2. HALEY!! I LOVED this post!! I feel the SAME way you do, i feel so blessed to be doing this with you girls!! I leave everytime so encouraged! These are lasting friendships! I LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH!!

    PS i cant wait til we ALL do a 5k together!! Gonna be SO much fun!!


  3. I cannot wait to join you if you'll have me in the fall! =)))

    So proud of ya'll!

  4. Kristyn you're already a part!! Just come :)
    We'll be looking forward to your joining!!!

    We love you!

  5. you forgot to mention the human stumbling block in your journey to a half marathon. ME! I am sorry I couldn't be of more encouragement to you in the running department. I will love it someday. I guess this is why I don't get the running memos anymore. Negative Nancy over here can't run 2 miles. I will work harder, Haley. Love you. Thanks for the encouragement when I DO run and for encouraging me in many areas of my life through this post:) I love you