Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday Scare

We had so many girls show up last night to go run and it was incredible!!
Everyone was excited and ready to go.. only to drive up to a huge dark cloud full of lightning.
Looked PRETTY scary!!
We wanted to be smart and use wisdom, but we also wanted to run. We prayed, checked the weather and decided to step out on faith and hurry and run! lol
Don't know if the Lord would actually call that faith or stupidity.. but we were off!!
The whole time we were running though, it NEVER rained (although that would've been kinda nice), we just saw heat lightning and heard thunder.... the wind gave a cool little breeze every now and then.
I kept saying outloud... LORD, PROTECT US, COVER US!!
It worked

We had 3 new girls come for the first time last night!
Ashley Langley, Ami Knight, Haley White
You don't even know!
Group's growing.. continue to send them Lord

Last night was the first night that i've been able to run the whole thing without stopping!
I about cried when I finished because I couldn't believe it!!
Now that I know I can, NO MORE STOPPING
The encouragement last night was beyond uplifting
What an amazing group of girls
Come join us
Picture to follow
Love all ya'll

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