Wednesday, September 15, 2010


For the past month now, it seems like I haven't really been up to par. My immune system seemed kinda week, but like normal, I just ignored it. It started as a little sinus and it kinda just faded away with time... I continued to run because I've been training for the Half Marathon and I TOLD YOU that satan would try everything in his power not to let me run this because it's a dream I have.  I felt like it was just an attack and if I just ignored it, I would feel better. I must admit, I DO NOT get enough rest. I'm just like the energizer bunny!!! I had so much going on with moving and the LAST thing I had time to do was REST!

Everyday I was busy doing something and didn't get home till late..It really started the week that my parents moved which was the week of the 20th. I didn't sleep at night... I would wake up coughing my head off to the point that I was gagging. AWFUL!!! The coughing started around then. So the next weekend, me and michael were moving and that didn't work out so well. We ended up in a hotel for a week and the coughing was still persistent. Tuesday the 30th I noticed this pain in my rib area and I knew it had to be from coughing so much and so hard. Well, it continued to get worse and worse. By Thursday, I couldn't breath in deep and the only thing that felt good was to put pressure on my right rib. Well, I was scared of what it might be because people had mentioned Pleurisy to me and I didn't really know what that meant. I just knew that I COULDN'T RUN and was devastated!!! I went to the doctor and got an xray to see if I had cracked a rib and everything showed up fine. I was told it was just a sinus infection and got a shot, cough meds and an antibiotic. We moved that next weekend into our new apartment and I didn't lift any ting really heavy. At dinner that Friday night, I felt something in my ribs pop when I coughed and it scared me to death. I was supposed to be in the Ross Bride 8K the next morning and I knew it was impossible... 

I had to sleep in the chair in the living room with my ribs wrapped up and sitting straight up.. worst night ever!!

The next day I started feeling better.. so I helped Michael with some painting...
All last week I didn't want to push it even though I was feeling better so I didn't go run... just painted.
Well, Sunday night, the pain had gone to my left side of my lungs now and no more pain on my right.
I had started having this croupy cough in the mornings which was weird. I thought by taking the antibiotics it would take care of everything... guess not.

So several times a day, I would just cry. I could never get a deep breath because it caused so much pain and sneezing gave me anxiety!! I tried icing the left side Monday night, but no help:(
Michael was getting really concerned and wanted me to go see a doctor.. I just wanted an answer on what I had

I continued to ask the Lord why I was going through this and why couldn't I get to feeling better.. 
I wasn't running and I had tried to have a positive attitude

So yesterday I had had enough, not even meaning to, tears would fill my eyes 
He told me about Dr. Rickett from 94.5 and so I called and went to see him!
LOVE THEM... I got int the room, the nurse asked me why I was there, told me they were going to give me an xray. Not a minute later, this lady came and got me and took me to get the xray and then sent me back to the room. Dr. Rickett came in shortly after and said, " well young lady you have bronchitis"
Wow, didn't know that was an option but that explains it.. He was very to the point and wanted me better.
He told me I wouldn't feel completely better for another 2 weeks... SO SAD
He was very personable and best of all, he's a BAMA fan
The nurse came in with 2 shots:/
Can I please say they were the worst 2 EVER!
Half of it was numbing stuff. Felt like a bee was stinging me for 10 mins straight!!
Gave me a stronger antibiotic and sinus medicine

I say all of this to say, the Lord has His way of getting your attention
If we wont properly rest, He will find a way to make us...
Next time I would prefer resting willingly!! This way is not fun
Hopefully I'll be ready to go come October 3rd! Prob wont do as well as I wanted, but it's OK. This rest was much needed and I thank God for the times he allows us time to relax from our busy schedule and just take a break

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