Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4.5 Tuesday's

Ok.. so we all know that Tuesday's are probably the most dreadful day of any day that we run
  • Because it still hot outside 
  • It's the longer route of the week
  • Lot's of hills
The only thing that really gets us through is knowing that as soon as we finish we get to go worship!!

I don't know why, but honestly Tuesday's are becoming one of my favorite days. I look forward to going to run the streets of Liberty Park

They always have sprinklers on and we run through them to cool off.. Yesterday this person let us use their hose for a second
 Super nice

Since we've been increasing our mileage for training, it's become alot easier to run the shorter distances.
I think my body is finally starting to catch on after 4 months of this.

Yesterday, somehow me and Carman cut off 4 mins of our normal time
We usually finish 4.5 miles in 48 mins, but yesterday we made it in in 44!!!!
I honestly COULDN'T believe it

I felt good when I was running.. nothing was hurting, but both of my legs felt like they weighed about 80lbs each. The only way to fight it was to pick my legs up higher when I ran, and when I did that I guess it made me run a little faster, and that might be why we finished alot faster than usual.

I didn't know how I was going to run yesterday since I was in bed the night before with ice, messaging my legs for over 30 mins from the 6 miles we ran Sunday night.
That's when I give all the glory to GOD because without HIM I wouldn't make it.

We had 3 new girls run the LP route with us yesterday:
  • Kristen Ramsey
  • Haley White
  • Katie J
They rocked it!!

Some only did the 3 mile route to make sure to get to worship on time, and from what they said, it's pretty hill-e
Hills are not really my friend, but they help tremendously in training.

We were missing so many of our normal TUESDAY runners yesterday

  • Melissa
  • Courtney
  • Brittney
  • Stephanie
  • Walls
  • Natalie Bezet
I'm prob missing some too.. if so, please forgive me!!
So many girls to keep up with these days


Tuesday's: 5:45 Church of the Highlands
Thursday's: 8 Trussville Mall by the Flagpole
Sunday's: 8 Trussville Mall by the Flagpole

I love to run, but I also love the days I get to rest
Especially now that we're increasing in mileage
My days off our Heavenly, although slightly anticipating the next run


*Been slacking on my posting, but going to do better
* Uploading pictures and posting tonight!!! Be on the look-out

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