Friday, July 9, 2010

The Accidental Run

So this past Tuesday, I thought it would be cool if we were a little adventurous and found a different route before we went to worship.
Why not Liberty Park since it's just right down the street! Sounded like a great idea...
We had managed to get 8 girls to go running that HOT afternoon. We were dedicated and determind to run 3 miles
Melissa, Maegan, Jackie, Hannah, Ashley, Stephanie, Natalie, and Me

Earlier that day I had searched and found a route that was exactly 3.1 miles...PERFECT! I was pretty familiar with LP, but not so much with the side streets we found out!

I had hand written the directions down and didn't print out the map

When you have 7 people depending on you to take them on the right route and then get lost, not a good feeling.

Let's just say what was supposed to be 3.1 miles ended up being 4.52 HAHA
I'll have to admit that it was kinda nice though cause I normally wouldn't have even tried to run that, but know we know that we can and we WILL be from now on!!

What was even funnier to me was the fact that half of them thought I did it on purpose and just tricked them in to thinking we were running 3...HMMMM

I thought they were going to be so mad at me but they actually were glad that I got everyone lost!

Here's the accidental route planned again for this Tuesday coming up!
Let me know if you want to join us! View The Accidental Run in Birmingham , Alabama

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