Monday, February 21, 2011


So we've been running straight now for 2 weeks. 
It's been a little harder to get going this year than it was last year but hopefully when it starts warming up for good then the more steady the group will be. 

I need motivation. 
It's SO easy for me to get discouraged and want give an excuse why I don't feel like running on any particular day, but I know that if I just get out there and make the effort, the LORD alone will give me the strength I need to do it.

I pray for that determination back like I had last year.
In my mind I think that I'm supposed to be where I left off last year when I got sick and that's just not possible.
I was out for 5 months.

I'm having to teach my body how to run all over again.

If I want what I had last year bad enough, I'll run even when I don't want to and even if I'm tired. 


Few things that stood out to me this past week....

Jackie and Lindsey are too cute out there running in their little pregnant bellies.
I give it to them hands down

Don't know if I could do it if I were in their shoes
So proud of ya'll

Laura Almond is a new girl this year and I must say she is killing it!
You go girl

Brittney Little blew me away the other night. I think she almost ran the entire 3 miles without stopping.

Of course Haley B is a beast and is determined to run the entire thing without stopping, and thanks to  Eminem, he will help her do that with his incredible beat in "Lose yourself" 
(as long as she doesn't get distracted by a dog along the way that is)

Everyone is doing SO good and so proud.
If you come out to tackle 3 miles several times a week, YOU'RE DETERMINED

Right now we have about 7 on a regular basis, but hoping it will increase

I know the times we run makes it difficult for some to make it, but when the time changes, hopefully we can push it back some and more will be able to make it.

It's not the safest thing running the dark

Ready to start them races!!!

I need some pictures up

Monday, February 7, 2011


Here is a preview of what the shirts are going to look like...
This is not the exact color... the ones I am ordering are a turquoise whereas these are a little more blue.
You probably aren't able to read it, but on the sleeve of the right arm, it says Mark 9:23 which reads "Everything is possible for one who believes"

I love the look of this one, but I'm not sure how well you will be able to see DIG if it's on the bottom of the shirt
runnerhigh is a little lower in this preview than the other one. It will be higher on the actual shirt like it is in Option 2

This is the other option that I believe will be easier to read.

  •  100% cotton
  • Regular T-Shirt 
  • $15 
  • One of a kind
  • Made for girls who love to run!

I love the look of it because it's very clean and easy to read.
We tried many other fonts but none looked as good

I want to try and place the order early next week, but in order to do that, I'm going to need to know sizes and how many to order.

Email me at or just let me know

SOOO excited to finally have these made

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Come on with Spring

So I went out for the first time Monday afternoon
The weather was absolutely perfect...It was different running in LP while it was dark

We had decided before we took off that we weren't going to overdue it first time back in LP, that we were just going to go to the guard shack and come back (which is still about 2 1/2 miles)

It was a very good run.
We had 3 new girls come to run that route and they killed it.

I could feel it the next day that's for sure.
Ready for the next one...

I should have more info on the shirts today, so next time we run I can let ya'll see.

I know I'm not able to run today but others might be.
I have something to attend. Some are going to a Zumba class in Pinson

It's tooo cold for me anyways.. burrr

Monday, January 31, 2011


Prayer Warriors
I am in need of some prayer

For the past 3 days I have had zero energy. It's very persistent and I can't get it to go away. I don't feel bad at all but it's like a cant keep my head up
I had to quit running last fall due to a ongoing Bronchitis episode that really upset me. I had been very open about how satan would do anything he could to get me not to accomplish one of my dreams and low and behold he did it. I had been training for a half marathon and when the time came I wasn't able to run.
Very Very upsetting time

I felt like the Lord was doing something through our girls last year through what turned into a small group and it was unexplainable.

I have missed running with these girls so badly.
Its kinda hard already because I know that I will have to start back at square one when I had gotten so far, but that is okay.

Well, last week I had decided that this was the week we should start it back up!!
Everyone is in and ready to go and I couldn't be more excited.
I have so many ideas this year and really want to glorify God through it all.

Saturday I went to a spin class. That afternoon, I couldn't keep my eyes open. I was so overwhelmed with fatigue. Im always a busy body, and I didn't do anything out of the norm to make me that tired. So I went to bed early Saturday night and then got up about 8 yesterday morning. Yesterday I had the same feeling of exhaustion and I couldn't shake it. I just wanted to sleep. While at work today, same thing.

I tried to read up on what it could be from and it could just be from Sinus.
It makes me cry because it just seems like in the past year i've really struggled with sinus issues.
I want to be healthy and exercise but it's like every time I try, I get sick.

I feel like this is just an attack from the enemy because he knows what's about to happen again with all of the girls.
I have a passion for this and it's really upsetting when I feel like I can't fulfill it because I don't feel good.

I am just trusting God and believing for healing and unexplainable energy.


The day has finally arrived.
Time to reunite and get fit

Here is the schedule

Liberty Park
Meet at Church of the Highlands

Meet by the Middle School/Tennis Courts

Meet by the Middle School/Tennis Courts

Friday, January 28, 2011

This Weather is Heavenly

This warm weather today is getting me so excited
Ready to sweat my little heart out
So last night I went though and found lots of races we could do throughout the year
If you're interested, check them out

I want to do some type of photo shoot with running but do really know my thoughts behind it yet
Waiting for the vision

Might sound a little corny,but if you wouldn't mind sharing how much running has inspired you or how it makes you feel while you run, maybe what you experienced last year, jot something down and email it to me
I want to do something with it
T-shirt idea is coming along....
I don't know about you, but I'm so ready to get this thing going


Thursday, January 27, 2011


So it stands... 
Monday afternoon a bunch of girls are coming together and hitting the pavement

Been waiting for this day to return
Were going to go out there and give it what we've got
Just talking about it yesterday I got sooo excited and realized what a big part of my life that was last year and what a difference running and the girls made in my life

I really want to try some new things this season when we run
I would love to hear suggestions!!
  • I DO want to get some shirts made for all of us to run in
  • I want us to enter into races together 
  • Pray before we run-Someone different lead every time
  • Meet and go to dinner once a month
  • Tried the birthday thing and it just didn't work out as planned but that's ok                                        (Sorry for those who were looking forward to it:/)
  • Have a training partner that you communicate with daily that will encourage you and pray over you
  • I want to try to make some type profile thing with everyone's picture and information                             
I would love for it to include something along these lines:

-What result's you're expecting to see
-How running has opened your eyes
-Has running always been an interest of yours
-Have you ever ran in a race
-What is your starting distance and what you would like to be able to run... etc. 

*Once again, this is not about COMPETITION at all. It's about improving your health and reaching your goals with the help and accountability of friends along the way*

Let's try this BEFORE this time so we will have them shortly after we start.....
Who would be interested in purchasing a shirt?
Once I have a number I will be able to give you a price
*Answer the question on the top right of blog