Tuesday, May 25, 2010


On Friday afternoon's I usually just go across the street from our place to the Colonnade lake and run.
This past Friday I debated for a long time whether or not I should go. I ended up going and I'm glad I did.

Apparently the Geese that live there had babies and the mom/dad was SUPER protective that day.. honestly I was a little scared. Every time I would run by the family of geese, one of them would look at me and hiss.. pretty scary. Didn't know they could do that!!

After running the same lake so many times and tired of dodging the geese, I decided to change it up a bit.. I thought I would introduce these steps (aka stadiums) into my workout!

50+ stairs are no joke...
4 times in a row might I add

I just love the scenery here though.. it's the only thing that keeps me going back to this spot

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