Friday, August 20, 2010

The Heat is On

Alot of the girls have really been wanting to increase their miles so some of us have been running the Trussville route twice. That's 6 miles BTW!!

Just thinking about it makes me tired but having all my sisters encourages me..
Yesterday Me Jackie and Carman got there at 6 and ran once around, then Natalie, Ashley, Haley B, and Lauren J. came and ran another one with us.

Natalie, Ashley, Haley B., and Lauren J. ran again at 8 with all the girls like normal and my mug walked just to cool down!

I had cotton mouth like you would not believe!
Not to mention that I feel like the toe nail beside my big toe is going to fall off...haha
Even the sheets were killing it last night.

I was sooo proud of everyone last night.
I can tell that all this running is paying off!!
The bond we have is unexplainable

God is doing big things and he gets all the glory!!

There were 2 new girls last night also:

Amanda Phillips
Emily (from Michigan)

YAY!! They did great

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