Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saturday's 5K Zoo Run

Here we go... this is what we/I've been working up to. This Saturday will be my first 5K run and I'm really excited... really more anxious than anything.
I haven't ran in a race type deal since I was in Middle School and ran Cross Country.
Want to hear a funny story... so humiliating!!
I think this is really why I'm nervous.
Ok so it was like one of the last races of the year and my dad had gotten up early to come to this one and I was so excited for him to watch me.
It was at Mt. Brook High School and we started the race in this big open field...
The parents were sitting in the bleachers watching while everyone was lining up at the starting line.
At the starting line, you're standing with all your teammates.
Keep in mind that it was super early and there was still dew on the ground.
So the guy who shoots the gun was in front of everyone yelling instructions and I remember him specifically saying, "When I shoot the gun, if someone falls I will re-shoot the gun and that means everyone come back and we will start again" Smart me in the front of our team turned around to my other teammates and said " NO ONE FALL"!! As soon as those words came out of my mouth I knew I probably shouldn't have said that.. Pride before the fall.
What do you know, he shot the gun and I was down faster that you could say go. I felt like a herd was trampling over me!!! lol I sat there for a minute thinking he surely saw me sitting on the ground, not to mention my dad saw me sitting there. I think the guy must have thought it would've been too much of a hassle and just acted like he didn't see me. So, I said what the heck and jumped up and sprinted to try to catch up with everyone else. When I did that, I pulled something in my leg and for anyone who runs, know that it's always better to start a race out slow.. can I just say it was the LONGEST HARDEST race ever. I finished and I guess that's all that matters, just my pride was hurt.. ha-ha. I don't remember another race since that one so I guess that's why I'm a little anxious but this will be different!

I'll have Melissa and Emily with me as long as I can keep up with them!
Michael is coming to watch this one which makes me even more nervous, but this isn't like in school when we got timed.. this is more of a run than a race!

I'll let you know how it goes!!
Pray for not another Mt. Brook experience

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