Friday, May 7, 2010


Yesterday was little bit of a struggle for me while we were running... My calfs were in lots of pain which made it really difficult to run. ( I read where this could be from not warming up or cooling down enough or from sudden increase in mileage.. BINGO!) Both of those could have easily been the cause of so much pain in my calf which really hindered my running.

We still managed to run 3 miles, but it took us a couple of minutes longer than it usually does. Running 3 miles a day since Monday and adding 3 more on Wednesday, we probably should have just stuck with Zumba last night. I was physically exhausted..

Hannah rocked it yesterday and ran the whole thing even up the hills!! GO HANNAH!!

We also had another runner join us yesterday.. CANA GROOMS..she did great!

Me and Melissa.. well we finished lol

Emily and Maegan.. we missed y'all!

Zumba was fun as always.. (Cana and Jackie's first time)
It was a little hotter in the room than usual so when I left, my hair looked like I just stepped out of the shower.

I figured that since we had given it all we had this whole week that I would take today off and just rest, and then i came across this article.. buh

Sore Muscles? Don't Stop Exercising

So maybe I'll just do lots of stretching today and a take a nice walk and see if that doesn't help, then pick back up tomorrow!

As for lunch today.. I think I'm going to do super bad and have a nice yummy cheeseburger from Jimmy's. My treat for eating well all week long.. now i'm ruining it....
( At least I'm not closet eating)

It's supposed to feel really good tomorrow so I'll have to make sure to get out
High 60's / low 70's

One week till our 5K run/race at the ZOO



  1. oh yeah! i had a blast. zumba was AMAZING.

  2. yaya!! Glad you loved it.. it kicks my bootie that's for sure

  3. Yep.. i knew I shouldn't have eaten that good though