Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

Last night I wanted everyone to come over to my parents house and we would all cook Mexican dishes and it would just be so much fun to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and eat lots of yummy food. Me and Melissa used to run in my parents neighborhood all the time so we thought we would try to get a good run in real quick when I got off work before we started cooking.

From my parents house to the entrance of the neighborhood is 3 miles! If we ran it, it would be a total of 6 there and back. We decided that we could do it.... not to mention that Melissa had already ran 3 miles yesterday morning.

We hit the street and were off..

I tend to struggle more in the beginning of the run for some reason but I didn't let it slow me down. We didn't listen to any music when we ran, instead we decided we would concentrate on our breathing and listen to our pace.
I'll have to admit it helped... usually I'm too busy trying to keep my ear phones in or choosing a song.. which really slows me down.

We pushed through and made it to the front entrance (3miles) in 32 mins.

Pace. Yourself.

On the way back, instead of running the whole way, we switched it up and would run for a minute, then walk for a minute and continued to do that until we made it back to the house.
This means NO stopping on the hills!!

Can we say HUNGRY!! That's what was motivating me to get home..
Family & Food

I felt like the way back was so much easier for me than the first half. I felt like I got my second wind! Weird.. that NEVER happens.

We finally arrive at the house an hour and 10 mins later but feeling GREAT! It was that Runners High that makes me want to run again and again.. That feeling is like none other.

Soaking wet, but in the kitchen preparing for our little Fiesta!

Needless to say, after that hard of a run... our tummies wouldn't expand to hold too much of that Mexican but it sure was delicious!

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