Thursday, January 27, 2011


So it stands... 
Monday afternoon a bunch of girls are coming together and hitting the pavement

Been waiting for this day to return
Were going to go out there and give it what we've got
Just talking about it yesterday I got sooo excited and realized what a big part of my life that was last year and what a difference running and the girls made in my life

I really want to try some new things this season when we run
I would love to hear suggestions!!
  • I DO want to get some shirts made for all of us to run in
  • I want us to enter into races together 
  • Pray before we run-Someone different lead every time
  • Meet and go to dinner once a month
  • Tried the birthday thing and it just didn't work out as planned but that's ok                                        (Sorry for those who were looking forward to it:/)
  • Have a training partner that you communicate with daily that will encourage you and pray over you
  • I want to try to make some type profile thing with everyone's picture and information                             
I would love for it to include something along these lines:

-What result's you're expecting to see
-How running has opened your eyes
-Has running always been an interest of yours
-Have you ever ran in a race
-What is your starting distance and what you would like to be able to run... etc. 

*Once again, this is not about COMPETITION at all. It's about improving your health and reaching your goals with the help and accountability of friends along the way*

Let's try this BEFORE this time so we will have them shortly after we start.....
Who would be interested in purchasing a shirt?
Once I have a number I will be able to give you a price
*Answer the question on the top right of blog


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