Thursday, February 3, 2011

Come on with Spring

So I went out for the first time Monday afternoon
The weather was absolutely perfect...It was different running in LP while it was dark

We had decided before we took off that we weren't going to overdue it first time back in LP, that we were just going to go to the guard shack and come back (which is still about 2 1/2 miles)

It was a very good run.
We had 3 new girls come to run that route and they killed it.

I could feel it the next day that's for sure.
Ready for the next one...

I should have more info on the shirts today, so next time we run I can let ya'll see.

I know I'm not able to run today but others might be.
I have something to attend. Some are going to a Zumba class in Pinson

It's tooo cold for me anyways.. burrr

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